Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stephen Hawking, The Einstein of Current Era

After Albert Einstein, not a single scientist has gained as much popularity and fame as Stephen William Hawking. Born 8th January 1942 in Oxford, England, Hawking started his education in London and for his graduation in natural sciences, he went to Oxford University. Although his final marks at Oxford did not reflect his abilities, he was able to prove there that he has something unique and special about him. In 1962 he completed his graduation from Oxford and then stayed there for some time to study astronomy.But soon he went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge to study astrology and cosmology.

Early in his Cambridge study, he started developing symptoms of a motor neuron disease that soon made his control weaken over his body and as of 2011 he is completely paralyzed physically. After the fever really came into action he was told by the doctors that he can hardy live for another three years. He left his PhD because of the sock. But at this very moment Dennis William made him to work again on his doctorate. He cannot move nor speak, a tiny IR sensor lets him twich his cheek to spell and speak words.

Hawking is considered one of the best scientists of the current era. Rather than his complete physical disability he has been working on scientific projects since 1965. His main research is concerned with cosmology and quantum gravity and space sciences. His work on the black hole theory is widely regarded to be the finest work on the subject matter. He extensively worked on various scientific theorems along with other fellow scientists. Hawking is a great advocate of scientific methods and research. One of his popularity factors is that he is a firm believer in the existence of aliens in universe and even to make it more dramatic he suggested that these aliens can be devastating for humans and our world.

He has been a publically recognized and honored figure all around the globe. His genius even with his disability has made him a role model for many. His work has been globally accepted and published in the universities. Several of his books and research papers are published all around the world. He has been given many awards and honors for his achievements, including Albert Einstein medal, Order of British Empire and Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. Many of building throughout the world has been named in against him to recognized and honor his works in the field.


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